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presentation with AI.

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Are you tired of pitching blind, unsure who’s interested and who’s just nodding along? Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision with our AI-powered presentation solution.

Enter any prompt and make a compelling
presentation using AI in minutes. It feels good to get work out of your head and into the world.

Exploring AI

Our AI analyzes data, optimizes content, and guides you towards pitches that captivate and convert.

Interactive Engagement

Inject life into your presentations with interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and feedback forms to enhance engagement and gather valuable feedback.

Advanced-Data Tracking

Track every move your presentation makes, from the moment it lands in an inbox to the final slide. Know who views it, where they drop off, and what grabs their attention

Collect and Convert

Seamlessly gather valuable data from your audience and effortlessly convert them into customers using autoresponders.

Design incredible presentations
without the hassle.


Generate with AI, discover, or build a template

Enter any prompt and make a compelling presentation using AI.

Add a human touch

Don’t leave it in the hands of AI, Customize the template the way you want.

Win from anywhere

Engage, track and collect feedback in real life without hassle

Go FASTER with

A.I. copywriter

Don’t know what to write? Use our A.I. copywriter for your headlines, call-to-actions, features, bullet points and more for your designs.

A.I. image creator

Want something original? Generate unique visuals, images, artwork and shapes for your project with our A.I. image creator.

A.I. background remover

Don’t like the background? In 1 click, remove any background from photos/images instantly.

A.I. object remover

What’s that doing there? Eliminate any unwanted items/objects from photos/images.

A.I Language Translator

Auto-translate your content or whole presentation into any language of your choice.

Auto theme changer

Change the template ecosystem with a single click

Smart Embeds

Go deeper with interactive embeds that draw viewers in and encourage participation

Immersive Viewing

Built to look great on any screen.
Use cases

A tool for the whole team

IT & Tech
Streamline your product demonstrations with interactive engagement.
Professional Services
Deliver impactful presentations to clients with ease
Wholesale & Retail
Enhance your sales presentations with engaging presentations.
Transportation & Logistics
Present complex logistics solutions with clarity and precision
Telecom & Media
Capture the attention of clients and stakeholders with dynamic presentations.
Staffing & Recruiting
Stand out in a competitive market with visually compelling presentations
Hospitality & Events
Create memorable event proposals and presentations
Utilities & Green Energy
Present innovative energy solutions with clarity and impact.
Financial Services
Deliver compelling investment proposals and financial reports with interactive data visualizations and simulations. 

Made for you

Choose from a variety of customizable templates tailored to different industries
and presentation styles, ensuring you always make the right impression.

Seamlessly integrate with
your favourite apps

With 50+ integrations, OneDoc plays well with your favourite software.


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